a visit to Raqib Shaw exhibition Manchester art gallery

It was fantastic, Gerald, as always was full of knowledge and lead us through the understanding of the art in its historical and mythological contexts, with references to mythology, Shakespeare and children’s fairy tales and discussion of postmodernism and how it fits with this concept. The art was wonderful to look at with its use of colour, form and Kitsch sparkle- but had deeper tones of meaning which did not really appeal to me and some of which I would feel the need to destroy if ever I lent myself to producing similar because of a connection with what I would term “evil”-

It was not until I expressed this thought, did I realise my suppression of what in earlier days was regarded as unmentionable or wrong. Having said that with the career I have been through I have no conscious “hang ups” but obviously a lot of my feeling about subjects is deeply buried from childhood. Is the problem that of being too blatant, making too much of nature? and is the feeling not of:  Mal y soit qui mal y pense….

Wonderfully colourful and sparkly pictures which appeal immensly at first sight –then the twist from the aspirational higher cerebral centres to the lower brain instincts, as the “dark side” of the images are understood.

lets see if I can add a link to the Manchester gallery — am I allowed to add a link????

Raqib Shaw’s exhibition