gallery visit: to Bronte Parsonage Haworth -the drawings of Victoria Brookland

On the 28th June we visited the Bronte parsonage Haworth. On display in the shop area were drawings by Victoria Brookland which seemed in place with Haworth and the Bronte novels. The pictures are of Victorian dresses but have within them other images such as a city or animals or plants, which reflect the dark mystery of the Bronte novels, I feel that the manner in which she uses black and white in pencil,ink, collage and watercolour adds to the reflection of drama which emanates from the bleak moorland around Haworth.

“Victoria Brookland’s work investigates how women writers have employed the Gothic genre to reveal hidden aspects of their own natures. … has spent the past few years exploring the lives and writing of nineteenth-century women.Her first series of Bronte inspired paintings, Secret Self, was exhibited at the Brontë Parsonage Museum in 2007 and explored the dresses in the collection. ….”   quotes taken from the Bronte society web site -sourced on line (June 2013)  ref:

art work by Victoria Brookland sourced on line(June 2013) from:

Victoria Brookland art at Haworth June 2013 001

scanned from a post card bought in Haworth showing the drawing: “the peregrine is stronger” by Victoria Brookland (card printed by Abacus (Colour Printers) Ltd Cumbria).