Gallery Palais des Eveques St Lizier France

Guillame Pinard

Sans titre 137 (2010)  Encre sur papier (40,5 x 29,5 cm) sourced on line September 2013 from:

This image is a play with perspectives and lines with the figures contrasted against them. I’m sure it has a deeper meaning but unfortunately that is lost on me and because of the vagueness in the narrative, the image is not interesting.

Sans titre 146 (2011) Encre sur papier  (40,5 x 29,5 cm) sourced on line Septmeber 2013 from:

Again this has little impact on me -I look at the drawing and think technically it is good but the image is cold and perhaps is meant to produce a feeling of disgust–against the killing of animals.


Toyin Odutola

Pen ink on paper (9 x 12 inches) sourced on line from These are great portraits of black people covered in light spots –the facial features are drawn in sections which reminds me of the muscles of the face -and in the more colourful drawings these are individually coloured. They are a great use of ink on the paper and I love the speckles of ? light across them.

Lea Lublin

A follower of Marcel Duchamp and a feminist artist


Artwork Description

Dimensions: 0.29 x 0.29
Medium: Acrylic
These images are noisy and harsh because of a use of line against colour and impersonal caractures like comic strip characters.  I do not like them, they are hard and impersonal, but feel very much of the 21 st century.
Pavel Tchelitchew
(Russian 1898-1957)
Bust Portrait of Seated Woman- 1931 sourced on line from:
This softer image is more to my liking, both in the toning of the colours, the use of softer pencils and the downward look of the eyes.
Jan Fabre
The jewels of death and Schloss an image derived from biro drawn over photographic images. An imaginative, creative use of biro which to me brings it into the realms of art.
The  Jewels of Death: by Jan Fabre
Mounir Fatmi Mounir Fatmi est un artiste marocain né à Tanger en 1970. Polymorphe, le sujet de son travail aborde, de manière directe à travers divers médias (sculpture, installation, photographie et peinture), la culture orientale en général, la religion musulmane en particulier.  sourced on line from
Jean Paul Albinet
” Codes/ corps publicitaires” Peinture acrylique sur toile. 1988. 60 x 120 cm   sourced on line (September 2013) from:
” L’innovation en action” Peinture acrylique sur toile. 1987. 81 x 116 cm   sourced on line from:
These images amuse me because of their play on the bar coding system of the supermarlet and their apparent altering of everything, including human images to commodities. However I may be reading more or less into them than is meant.

Peter Kogler
Ohne Titel
Medium Chalkmit gouache auf papier
Year of Work 1984