book -“penguin book of the renaissance”

Whilst away in the snow rain and fog of the French Alps I read “The penguin book of the Rennaissance”-(1972 version I think) by Professor Plumb. It was exceptionally readable and put the art and architecture into context of the historical turmoil and interfighting of the “great” families of Northern Italy in the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries. It was an enjoyable and informative read, revealing an era which was formative in the art and culture of Europe for many centuries following. I picked out a few quotes from the book which support  my belief that creativity blossoms even without academia or learning, being part of man’s “hard wiring”:  ” Great artists are as common as peaks in the Himalayas,leading one to believe that theability to draw or to carve is no rarer in man than mathematical skill and only requires the appropiate social circumstances to call it forth in abundance”…quote J.H. Plumb -chapter “The Arts”  and a quote from Leonardo Da Vinci ” they will say that because of my lack of book learning, I cannot express what I desire to treat of. Do they not know that my subjects require for theirexposition, experience rather than the words of others….”