Drawing One Part Four Figures Project: gesture: exercise Stance

Sketch A The lovers


looking at a similar drawing in content by KLIMT: His lines are determined and flowing into each other, the women’s legs are a little less determined than the rest of the image–my drawing is done in charcoal and I don’t feel this medium lends itself to the representation of the flowing lines which are part of the feel of the interaction between the two models.

Studie für das Liebespaar im Beethovenfries 1902   sourced on line (October 2013) from:  http://www.klimt.com/en/gallery/drawings-1879-1905/klimt-umarmung-1902.ihtml

Sketches mulitple poses

-one hand on hip, lying and leaning backwards, kneeling with one leg outstretched behind.




Augustus John Two Nude Studies c.1920-6

sourced on line (October 2013) from:  http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/john-two-nude-studies-n05299

I wonder how long it took Augustus John to draw these images, done in a very fine pencil which, again gives elegance to the image, faces in a state of melancholic longing? lend another story to the figure. Foredshportening of the arm of the figure on the right and soft hatched minimal shading. It makes my images look very solid and clumsy.

Sketches H    A tilt of the hips and lying on floor with trunk and head up -shows a lot of foreshortening.



Looking at Marlene Dumas – Ref:  book: “Vitamin D New Perspectives in drawing”

Although unable to down load any images, I found the nudes of Marlene Dumas in the book Vitamin D New Perspectives in drawing, interesting in the change in proportions adopted –a larger head and twist of the body (Figment Homage to Andy Warhol in watercolour) and a coy twisted pose which could be modesty or could be a desire to  pee! (as one of her other images involves toileting), the image De-Fence -less (in acrylic) thrusts the body into hyper extension with the head thrown back and the upper chest an abnormal shape (known as barrel chested in medical terms and usually due to asthma–so to me brings ideas of a struggling asthmatic to mind.)

Sketch I —leaning against the table


I get the feeling that generally my pressure with the pencil (or in this image graphite ) is too intense or hard to emulate many of the modern artists in the “Vitamin D ” book