Drawing One Part One Project using textures

Drawing with textures

Experimenting with texture:




Very enjoyable- I particularly liked using several drawing implements in the same picture and was impressed by the manner, in the large drawing, in which the black ink (carpet) made the apple stand out.


However, I tried to represent velvet several times(as in the old masters) but am not succeeding too well.

Check and log. Pg 40:

Have you discovered any new ways to use drawing tools to represent texture?

I think this is an exercise that has to be ongoing and experimental. I did not realize that frottage could be used as a drawing tool, (although I have done frottage (brass rubbing) as a child).

Form can be implied by the relationship of objects to each other and to the surface on which they stand. However, having former knowledge of what the object is helps considerably without the added aspect of shading to delineate the form more accurately.

Frottage permits texture which would not be possible just emanating from the drawer’s eye, hand and implement. I found it interesting and exciting.