Drawing One Part Three assignment three


The Goat Shed Final Drawing for assignment three


Reflect rather than describe.

Document the route by which you arrive at your final piece of work:


I have developed an interest in minimalist Japenese drawing and wish to follow this up-however I feel the assignment is asking for an understanding of perspective in focus points and aerial changes in tone and I am not sure Japenese art uses these techniques to show perspective.

An alternative idea is my love of jumble and fuss

particularly as regards plants but also Northern chimney pots (although being harsh linear objects they detract from the overall aim) –again I don’t know of an artist that might use such imagery.

My searches bring me back to two contemporary Japenese artists  mentioned in the book “Vitamin D,New perspectives in drawing”  Nobuya Hoki and Ryoko Aoki  both of whom use line to depict the flow of trailing plants or landscape views. (see blogs on “sketch book walk”)

I would like to use line without tone to depict the confusion of plants and buildings, the contrasts between straight and curved and manmade and natural, this will mean depicting perspective via size, overlap and converging line.

The subject of the final assignment  is to draw a view through a window or door which involved perspective, straight lines and natural objects .

I decided to draw views through the house windows or doors, allowing more time on the preparation–however an eigteenth century farmhouse doesn’t have many straight walls or roads–and is surrounded by fields and trees:, I went around every window drawing the view in different media. (not included in blog)

some of the preparatory drawings through windows:

Skecth through bedroom window looking towards the town using conte:IMG_8939-001

Sketch through a lower room window using charcoal:


None of these pictures gave me the opportunity to draw the image as dictated by the OCA which involved perspective and straight lines, so I moved outside to out houses:

the view from the shed door towards the house in ink:IMG_8925

This is better -it fits my criteria ” of jumble and fuss” and “to depict the confusion of plants and buildings, the contrasts between straight and curved and manmade and natural ”   It doesn’t follow the work of the two artists mentioned above but does reflect one of my drawings ( which I like) in which I used Van Gogh’s garden as a guideline (see exercise:   “plotting space through composition and structure”.).

Vincent van Gogh’s Garden with Flowers, A Drawing

sourced on line (August 2013) from  http://www.vangoghgallery.com/catalog/Drawing/966/Garden-with-Flowers,-A.html

the garden

The view of the front of the house selected above did not give me the opportunity to depict aerial perspective so I directed my attention to another outside door looking towards the old goat shed- this has perspective and some of the town in the background, as well as trees and bushes:

It was at this point I discovered the work of Sarah Simblet -see below and noticed that her plant drawings involved several layers – fine dots overlaid with more determined lines depicting the plants, and I drew the above  initially in pencil in dots and then in more definate line in ink….I like this version of the preparatory sketches.

Sarah Simblet, flowers | Flickr – Photo Sharing!   sourced on line (August 2013) from:http://www.flickr.com/photos/13964815@N00/3301903605/

She seems to have drawn lots of small spots or dots as a background outline for her final drawing in more precise line…I don’t know what the medium is. It has a peaceful traditional Japenese (or oriental) feel.

    Isis 38
pilot drawing pen on paper  2006   18 x 28cm sourced on line (August 2013) from:http://www.magdalenroadstudios.com/artists/sarahsimblet_2.php

I love the free flowing action of the lines in this drawing and the sense of depth.

skecth 1 the view of the goat shed:IMG_8932

I felt this skecth (above) lacked density and so added colour in the form of coloured pencil:


This made the image smaller somehow –more squat and childlike -and I don’t like the effect.

I then played with the image using differing media:

Felt tip:IMG_8936


watercolour and water soluble pencils:


I then returned to the use of inks, the idea of the Japenese line and the “confused image and marks” which  I discovered through looking at Van Gogh (who I believe studied Japenese art):


This was the first image I produced after the initial studies.


I like the presence of the path in the image which adds to the sense of perspective produced by the goat shed and wall. The sky is not as good as the image I produced in “the style of Van Gogh -see above ” in which the pen marks were more visible-in this image I smudged the ink and watercolour to produce the clouds. Van Gogh’s image has much denser obssessive spots dots circles and strong lines and is therefore much more forceful than this image, although I do feel the black of the ink and watercolour produce quite an intense image. I think there should be more focus of interest, but it does have a barreness typical of Northern countryside by virtue of the emptiness of the image. the dark ink and the handling of the sky.

However I think it had lost some of the criteria (above) involving the use of line only:

Version (2) The final assignment


I felt this attempt had too much colour in the form of felt tip and hence a childlike appearance-made more pronounced by the presence of the potted plant.

Version (3) The final assignment the goat shed (in line) -photographs taken whilst building up the image:

a) initial drawing in grey ink and minimal felt tip:


b) darker black ink added:IMG_8944

c) some of the mid ground intensified with soft pencil:


Final image -grey ink, black ink. felt tip and pencil —I like the original dark and moody image better and am chosing this as the final piece for assignment 3:

THE FINAL ASSIGNMENT 3 –THE GOAT SHED. in ink and watercolour


Self assessment against the assessment criteria :

-technical and visual skills -fair

materials- fair

techniques-could be better

visual awareness-fair

design composition -fair

application of knowledge-fair

,presentation-on a blog— so is dictated by the set up

discernment  (Keenness of insight and judgment.-ref:http://www.thefreedictionary.com/discernment) -don’t understand how this applies to the assignment

,conceptualisation  (the act of creating something by thinking-ref:http://www.thefreedictionary.com/conceptualisation) -this presumably refers to the thought behind the production of the final image –fair

communication.–of what–is this referring to the blog?

creativity–not good — I am following guidelines.

imagination–not good –feel too bored somehow to be imaginative –need to be under pressure

experimentation–not good

invention–not good as following other artists not inventing for self

…..developing a personal voice….well ! it is a pathetic one.