Assignment five reflections what did I do:

note from advise at beginning of assignment:


Be objective and highly critical

How can I achieve an image which reflects the colourful, the mystical and the flow of life but retains a frailty?

I have drawn and collaged quite a few images through this, the final part of the drawing course.

My aim was to produce an image which had some of the mystique of the sun on the dried and empty frail seed pods of the Honesty plant, to link that to human life –the life lost but on going  –and I have discovered that the Ash in Norse mythology was the tree from which man sprang , spanning the universe and delving deep to the past and lower worlds (ref: Looking at the soft and intricate structure of the Honesty seed pods I wanted to use lace as a background to emulate leaves by its multiple shapes.

I have looked at several artists and these have both developed and changed my initial  ideas

Rennie Mackintosh,  Margaret MacDonald , Herbert MacNair the three members of the Glasgow sect who developed the classical art nouveau images of flowing lines and stylised flowers and plants and of Alphonse Mucha who also used flowing lines in the depiction of  images as simple as dishes and cutlery.  I have tried some images with flowing lines and some that contrast the woven pattern of lace against the natural forms of seed pods to emulate the images of Rennie Mackintosh but I find his images too stylised and lacking in colour, however the patterns of the lace black and white produces an interesting background.




I looked at the work of Henrik Simonsen whose  light plants against the dark background in a ” photographic negative” manner an idea I rejected as being too hard “flashy” and harsh

The delicate pencil crayon drawings which emulate some of Michael Landy’s


In this image I like the blending of different colours, it has a clear, clean and peaceful feeling, but is not sufficiently active and lively.

Nanako Kawaguchi took me back to the love of Japenese origin artists, In her drawings I loved the colour and unusual forms. These images are reminiscent of the Art Nouveau flowing lines and plant life which I like  but I chose not to reflect through in my work as they are a little too “girly”

Looking at the image by Astrid Bowlby in the Drawing Now book in which she has made a table of safety pins look as though it stretches to eternity I have attempted to produce perspective with the seed pods -the final image did not succeed but I liked its clarity. However it is not close too the image I would like to finally produce:


Goergia O Keefe lead me into looking at leaves from a closer quarter but I did not seriously follow this up as the overall image is too solid, lacking the busy-ness that I am hoping to produce:

IMG_9543I also ventured into one or two sketches based on the Hockney image Fruhe Zeichnung but his drawings are too clear and well defined although I love the colours:


Andra Ursuta’s influence produced an interesting tonal image in ink and crayon which I worked on later in further images:


Some of the images that most impressed me were those of the tulips of Wardell Milan who I emulated in the drawing of a leaf:IMG_9466and took the idea of colour dripping from the image  into a later drawing:IMG_9592

I will certainly try to produce some of this displacement of colour from the main image to the background.

And although I liked the ghostly image of the galleon by Friedrich Kunaith I felt it was too delicate and “simple”for the final image I was trying to conjure although I felt the use of colour on black was exciting:



The closer I came to abstraction the more I was excited by the images:

IMG_9518and my discovery at this point of the paintings of Kandinsky were uplifting in colour and activity


Jiri Kolar German artist in collage and paper -I thought may lead me into a lace like pattern but his work is more solid than the open effect I was looking for.


on the basis of these drawings: I  conclude that I like the colourful images inspired by Kandinsky and Wardell Milan and the detailed ink additions of Wardell Milan and Andra Ursuta. I am also very fond of the delicate pencil crayon drawings but feel that in order to produce a strong image  I will use oil pastel or chalk pastel with charcoal or graphite. Plus placing the image on a black background produces a lighting effect on the colour of the image which I find very attractive

My final image was on black and consisted of colourful and flowing lines with incorporation of lace like patterns in the background:I think the image depicts the frailty, has the flow and activity of life, it incorporates the Neolithic hand images in the form of leaves in the background, it is abstracted, busy and colourful and the glow of the honesty seed which first attracted me is enhanced by the black background. The initial final image on white paper has a greater solidity which although pleasing, lacks the ghostly glimmer  of the image on the black surface. The ghostliness helps with the aim of depicting the seedpods and the hands of life past and the manner in which the image lives and moves up the paper helps with the idea of life on going.



I am very pleased and like the final image and its depiction, not only of the seed pods that I had been studying but also the further meanings I wish to incorporate into the image.


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