Final assignment Observation in Nature Tonal Studies

It was my intention from the start to try and depict the seed pods of honesty in a soft velvety and silky texture with harsher elements of leaves or twigs as background.

Looking at the work of Andra Ursuta ( images from the Vitamin D2 book New Perspectives in drawing)


Man from the Internet 34 2012 Ink on Paper Andra Ursuta

Image photographed from the book containing a collection collection of contemporary drawings: “Vitamin D2 New Perspectives in Drawing” Page 299  Published by Phaidon Press Ltd 2013, ISBN 978 0 7148 6528 7

I was taken, not by the subject matter (although death and decay could be applied to the plants I am involved in drawing, I am more interested in the ongoing rebirth in the elements of nature) but by the manner in which she has used ink and possibly a form of resist.

Image in development:



the depiction of negative space using ink, conte and wax crayon.

tonal study using wax resist and pencil:


Emulating Patrick Caulfield in the depiction of negative space between the seed pods:

© The estate of Patrick Caulfield. All Rights Reserved, DACS 2002Patrick Caulfield  Coal Fire 1969  sourced on line Feb 2014 from :

Seed pods negative space:


Charcoal and biro:


Tonal drawings in graphite:



incorporating the background:

Drawing of one of the pieces of lace, in soft pencil, which I used as background :


Toanl study in “sepia” using brown conte:



of dried leaf:


seed pods leaf and lace background:


and tonal sketch in colour in felt tip ink crayon and pencil:



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