Final Assignment Observation in Nature – Line Drawings

In different media without taking the pen or pencil from the paper:

In pencil:  the hydrangea


In pen and ink :   honesty seeds in the undergrowth


In felt tip with added line in ink:


In graphite:IMG_9574

In pen and ink: Ash branch and seedsIMG_9560-001

In pencil with the background of lace involved in the drawing in continuous line:


I also looked at the image in the book “drawing now   Between the Lines of Contemporary Art” edited by Downs, Marshall, Sawdon, Selby and Tormey  Published by I.B. Tauris & Co Ltd for TRACEY   ISBN 978  1 84511 533 3 by Astrid Bowlby in which she draws a table full of safety pins and bits at such an angle that they appear to recede into the distance

Photograph of :”On some far : Detail” Ink on cut paper pg 6.


From this I took my eye level down to approximate to the table on which the seed pods had been placed and tried to give them some perspective:


Although it produces quite an intereesting image it has not captured the feeling of perspective found in the Astrid Bowlby’s image, partly by virtue of the nature of the subject (as the seed pods could be any size and so a recession in size is less noticed) and partly because of the loss of reference of other receding objects. I used colour to try to differentiate between those in the foreground and those further back.


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