Drawing One Part Four Figures Project proportions notes on anatomy and the body shapes

remember the head is abpout 1/7th the height of the figure

Log –planes and shapes of the body

Head (frontal) oval in variety of sizes -some faces (like mine ) practically round.


sourced on line (October 2013 ) from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facial_skeleton

lateral view: Oval forehead to occiput with face vertically elongated on the front of this oval.

Human skull side bones.svg

neck -wide based cone spreading out from chin and occiput to shoulders.

sourced on line (October 2013 from: 1.bp.blogspot.com

shoulders -the top of the trapezius is like the hypotenuse  of a right angled triangle meeting the end of the clavicle at the tip of the shoulder

sourced on line (October 2013 from: hwhite11.edublogs.org )

and then giving way to the deltoids (which by their name are deltoid (triangular= Greeek D shape) having a curved base stretching from the anterior clavicle to the posterior spine of the scapula and a point which attaches into the upper part of the humerus

Anatomy of the Shoulders Muscles...the Deltoidssourced on line from:http://www.fitstep.com/Advanced/Anatomy/Shoulders.htm

The chest wall diverges out from the clavicles and meets the anterior abdominal muscles at the lower rib cage and sternum which mark indentations in this margin

the abdomen has the shape of open theatre curtains with the superior curves repeated inferiorly where it is enclosed by the inguinal canal.

Curtain : Open theater drapes or stage curtains with a black background           sourced on line from:http://www.pubquizreference.co.uk/trivref/humanbody/anatomy/abdomen.html

The back –the curvature of the spine is quite a challenge –the neck is lordotic and curves inwards, the thorax is kyphotic and curves outwards and the lumbar region again curves inwards being lordotic the sacrum then copying the thorax in curving outwards.

The hips –the head of the femur (trochater is more lateral to the actual hip joint and the femurs consequently converge towards the knees which is below the actual joint with the muscles changing the shape of the bone

sourced on line from: emilysyogamat.com

File:Thigh muscles front.pngmuscles of the thigh sourced on line (October 2013 from):   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Thigh_muscles_front.png

The bulging of the thigh ,muscles are not equal laterally and medially.

The lower leg tibia and femur arise from the knee area and articulate with the ankle bones -such the ankle is below the knee –the muscles once again produce irrregular bulging on the sides of the one leg

sourced on line fr(October 2103 ) from:  frankiesaysrun.files.wordpress.com

note the neutral position of the medial malleolus of the ankle in relation to the pelvis

sourced on line from:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_leg

The centre of the hip joint in the groin, the knee joint and the ankle joint in the middle of the ankle are all in a line when standing straight upright so the outer border of the leg appears to converge towards the ankle.

The arms in neutral position: The shoulder tips are less protruberant than the trochanters of the hips and the arms fall outwards when resting against the body –they are also partly bent at the elbow when in a resting position. Their shapes are also irregular as dictated by the muscle groups overlying the three main bones.


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