Drawing One Part Two Project Still Life check and log pg 58

what aspects of each drawing have been successful and what did you have problems with?

The overall pattern prouced by a line drawing is interesting in itself but without tone and shadow  it is not easy to determine the position of objects in relation to each other and their background.

The tonal representation via colour was complicated by my inability to assess the background tone in relation to the still life, but was helped by the black and white photo.

Did you manage to get a sense of depth in your drawings? What elements of the drawings and still life groupings helped to create that sense?

The tonal pictures gave a greater sense of depth as they represented the shadows on the objects. The linear drawing was dependent on the overlapping of the objects and the representation of some shadow in producing depth.

What difficulties were created by being restricted to line or tone?

Line does not always produce a clear likeness, partly due to a lack of depth and three dimensionality. Tone: I find  it difficult to clearly differentiate the levels of tone and, as I used only three colours to produce tone it was restricting even further-although the differing intensity of pressure on the crayons helped.


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