Drawing One Part One the final assignment reflections

The final assignment

Reflections on work

The more preliminary studies I do the more  more likely I am to to keep swapping and changing —in the end the composition is partially dictated by the places I can find to sit and where the light is coming from.

The Natural Forms Still Life

I’m not sure that the basket forming the background to the still life of natural forms is evidently a basket–this is most likely related to the fact that the edges of the form were not visible. However, I do think the marks reflect the weave of the fibres.

I think the drawing fits the paper well.

The drawing has sweeping diagonals taking the eye out of the picture which is then brought back and enclosed by the swirling basket weave around the turnip which forms a focus by its different and contrasting colours.

I wanted to get a feel for the waxiness and colours of the vegetables and chose to draw in wax crayons whioch I melted a little with an iron to attempt a degree of smoothness. I used frottage on the cloth which had an obvious woven texture, and I added ink to delineate some of the more determined marks on the basket weave.

I started the whole picture by drawing on the reverse side of the paper in felt tip and then spraying to reveal an outline fro the final picture which is therefore reversed in the manner in which the vegetables were laid on the table. This worked better in the sketch book where the paper was less heavy.

I particularly liked the coloured pencil drawing in my sketch book because of its softness but felt it was inadequately experimental and was spoilt by the fixative spray on its back.

Manmade Objects Still Life

I am not happy with the charcoal drawing composition -I think I should have left out the background for greater impact. Having said that, the drawing has verticals at its edges holding the image within the frame, it has strong tonal contrasts and form(thes cissors against the wool and the wool against the verticals of the cotton reel, powder pot and radiator).

I feel the horizontal pull of the knitting needles is a distraction somehow —-would it look better closer up?


I did quite a few preliminary drawings and experimented a little with technique, however, I am unsure if there are enough preliminary compositional drawings.

The large drawings do not give an accurate impression of the still liufe groups–In the final drawings, I don’t think I oncluded too much (some of the initial drawings did include too much–twigs, leaves,berries in the natural still life and boxes and bottles in the man made still life). Looking back, I much prefer my initial idea of the bottles as the man made still life-however their textures were not sufficiently diverse for the exercise.

I am happy with the arrangements. Having thought quite a bit about the compositions, I don’t think I would change them although, I realise, if I leave them for a period of time, I would probably see things differently.

I didn’t have problems except with the charcoal which ended  up all over the picture such that I had to resort to a runbber to refind the lighter areas.

I think the vegetables fit very well on the paper, the man-made objects, although fitting well give a feel of a need to move them-I can’t say where or how.

I didn’t use hatching as I’m not keen on it-and it did not say in the notes that hatching was to be used particularly. I don’t think charcoal or wax crayon lend themselves well to hatching.


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